Environmental Policy

Norrlands Språkservice and Accent Language Service

Norrlands Språkservice i Umeå AB and its subsidiary Accent Language Service provide language services to individuals, organizations, companies and the public sector. Recognizing all human activities have an impact on the environment, everyone within our company is to be aware of and incorporate our environmental policy in their daily work.

We will reduce our company’s impact on the environment by:

  • considering environmental aspects when purchasing goods and services. Environmentally friendly alternatives have highest priority. This includes everything from which paper products are purchased to choosing a hybrid car for company business. 
  • reducing our use of consumables as much as possible. For example, this can include limiting the amount of printed material and sending documentation electronically instead of using the postal system.
  • reducing the amount of energy used by computers and other devices that are needed in our work. Lights are to be turned off when rooms are not used and computers are to be turned off when idle. 
  • reducing company travel by conducting customer and supplier meetings online where possible. 
  • helping our staff to recycle both at work and at home, and reducing the use of products that cannot be recycled. 
  • encouraging our customers and suppliers, when possibly, to be proactive in protecting the environment.