Quality policy

Norrlands Språkservice i Umeå AB and its subsidiary Accent Language Service provide language services to individuals, organisations,  companies and the public sector. We work to ensure our translations maintain the highest possible quality. To achieve this, we focus on ensuring our quality routines are incorporated in all aspects of our work and are overtly present in every step of every project, from beginning to end.

The quality of our work is ensured by adhering to the following guidelines:

  • Professional translators

    We only work with professional translators who have at least five years of translating experience, who are specialized within their subject area and who only translate into their native language.

  • Separate proofreaders

    We make sure all translations are proofed by a separate reviewer with at least five years of experience and who only proof texts in their native language.

  • Final control

    We ensure the final version of the translated material is correctly formated in terms of headings, text placement and hyphenation.

  • Consistent and appropriate language for each client

    We are aware of the client’s language needs. This means focusing on finding the right translator for each assignment. When possible, we attempt to have the same translators work on assignments from the same clients to help ensure consistency.

  • Confidentiality and data security

    We value the customer’s confidentiality and treat each assignment with the utmost confidentiality and security. All email communications are encrypted using SSL and all attachments are checked for viruses. We perform daily onsite and offsite backups of our files to minimize downtime caused by hardware failures.