Welcome back Evalotta

We are excited to welcome Evalotta Boman back to Accent.

Evalotta joins Accent as a project manager and office manager. But this isn’t her first time working with us. She first showed up at our door in 2000, looking for an internship as a translator. This eventually led to a 9-year employment as an in-house translator and project manager. During this time she served as office manager for two years. Since 2009, she has been a freelance translator for Accent. Needless to say, Evalotta is intimately familiar with Accent and we are thrilled to have her back in the office.

She spent October shadowing her predecessor, Karin Söderholm, to get up to speed on our business system and clients. While there have been several new things to learn, she has discovered that project managing is much easier these days. Our automated solutions have eliminated much of the manual processing of jobs that she had to deal with in the early 2000s. As she puts it, it’s a lot more rewarding to be able to focus on the customer.

Evalotta translates from English, Norwegian and Danish to Swedish, with the occasional translation from French. Her new role includes customer and translator contacts and project management.

Welcome back Evalotta!