Graduate-level Reading Skills

Graduate-level Reading Skills provides a theoretical overview of the different levels of reading and practice in applying practical methods to improve reading of scientific articles. It discusses techniques for efficient reading, focusing on the most relevant information, and applying strategies for tackling advanced texts. The goal is for participants to both understand the theory behind advance reading and, at the end of the course, to be able to apply these strategies in their own reading and research. Ultimately, the course should help graduate students advance in their studies more quickly and develop as researchers.

By the end of the course, participants will have concrete strategies for getting more out of their reading and becoming advanced readers, which will allow them to develop new understanding and new knowledge. The course also supports participants’ writing skills by helping them understand how they can make their own writing more relevant to readers.

The first day of the course provides the theoretical background and discusses strategies. The second day develops these strategies, applying them in class with exercises and through class discussion.

Between the two class meetings, participants will read a text provided by the instructor and prepare it for discussion at the second meeting.

Target group: graduate students

Course length: 6 hours (2 meetings of 3 hours each)

Course instructor: David Ordoubadian

Course language: English

No. of participants: 8-15

Price per participant: SEK 2400 plus VAT (group rate available)

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